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Today, Wall Street List is bigger and better than ever because of that work. The company now serves the entire continental United States, as well as Hawaii and Alaska. It now covers the North American continent with access to lists for Mexico and Canada. For businesses striving for global expansion, even countries across the Atlantic, like France, are available. In addition, direct mail, digital marketing, and other services are just part of the broad range of ways Wall Street List is ready to help clients, and all of this means mass volume for the mass market.

The Mass Market Theory

There is a world of difference between targeted marketing and mass marketing. However, Wall Street List is ready to provide help for businesses that interested in either approach. With a focused marketing approach, a company looks specifically for potential clients or customers that may find their product or service relevant to their interests or needs at the time. The philosophy here is that people with an active interest in the product or service will have a higher likelihood of responding to marketing because of its relevance.

Mass-market takes a different approach. Rather than try to target a small but engaged number, it goes for the broadest possible exposure, relying on the law of averages to respond. In other words, even if many people exposed to the marketing may not have an interest or need, with any sufficiently large population, a specific segment will show interest. If the product or service is useful enough and priced low enough, a large portion of the audience may find that even without any prior interest, the barrier to entry is small enough that just being made aware is sufficient motivation to respond and engage.

Getting the Numbers

This is where Wall Street List can be a valuable partner for businesses looking to hit the mass market. If you need a sheer volume of contacts, Wall Street List can provide lists for every city in a state, every state in the country, and even other countries. We have years of experience in compiling lists of potential customers. Typically, these lists are filtered and processed to fit specific demographics, such as people that have mortgages, or people already in retirement. Separately, these distinct, demographic lists comprise thousands, even tens of thousands of names.

In terms of the total number, however, this is potentially hundreds of thousands of contacts for anyone interested in hitting the largest number of people. Wall Street List still carefully vets contacts to ensure validity. An address, even if the specific demographics are irrelevant, does no business any good if it is currently unoccupied, or the resident is deceased.

Let Us Help

Wall Street List is ready to assist with numerous aspects of the marketing process, as well as the type of contact data people are interested in. In addition to traditional physical mailing addresses for direct mail, for example, our mass-market leads are available in other formats such as email addresses, or even cellular contact, such as Text/SMS. Even fax is an option for those that want it.

So if you’re looking to hit as many people as possible for a mass-market promotional venture, Wall Street List is here for you. With us, you can rest easy knowing that you’re not just getting a lot of contact details, they have been vetted to ensure they are still relevant, and if the time comes, they can always be filtered into more specific demographics such as location, age, income, ethnicity, and others.

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