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While there is a big emphasis on the 21st century being a digital age, that still doesn’t change any of the fundamental assumptions of the market. Even if customers, for example, want to watch movies digitally, or order their food online, a movie production still needs to purchase fabrics for costume design, while a restaurant still needs to source raw ingredients from a supplier to make the food that is ordered online. In other words, while distribution and transactions may have gone digital, physical goods still require raw physical materials.
This is why, as old a market as it is, the commodities market, and investing in it, is not something that will ever go away. Even in the digital age commodities, and commodities investment still play a critical role in both day-to-day activities and the overall health of every economy on the planet. Because of how lucrative this market is, and the way it affects so many different commercial and industrial ventures, investment in commodities is both active and constant. Wall Street List Marketing Services can help people looking for red hot commodity investors.

Where Wall Street List Marketing Services Comes From

Wall Street List Marketing Services is a 100% American owned and operated business. It was initially started by a disabled veteran who decided after serving the country that it was time to help the economy. That decision was focused on giving businesses the competitive edge they needed to find their markets and grow. This ambition first got its start in the hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. Eventually, what started as an idea by one disabled veteran attracted talent that now has over 50 years of combined total experience in marketing and promotions.
Wall Street List Marketing Services, like the commodities market itself, predates the widespread adoption of digital marketing and promotion techniques. The company first got its start in the very detail-oriented world of direct mail marketing, an effective form of promotion still heavily in use to this day. It gave the company the foundation it needed to build up an impressive database of lists and the analytical tools to filter those lists and find even more relevance and utility in them for clients. This resulted in steady growth and expansion for the company.
Now, Wall Street List Marketing Services has expanded both the range of services it offers, as well as the areas it can serve. Digital marketing has now come to the forefront, and it was a natural transition for the company to offer its resources in this format. More importantly, however, are all the territories that lists are now available for. The entire United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, are now available to clients. For those wanting to cover the rest of North America, Mexico and Canada are now also available for detailed lists. And for businesses ready to move across the Atlantic, even countries like France are now available.

High Stakes Investment

Commodities investment is an old, well-established “game.” As a result, it has many investors with a legacy, history, and considerable influence, participating in this area. Because of the older nature of this market, it also follows old business adages like economies of scale, relying on the buying and selling of vast amounts of commodities futures to profit.
This, combined with a more mature population of investors, means that a sizable community of high-value investors exists in this area. Whether it is agricultural products like corn, or soy, or industrial materials like steel, or valuable substances such as gold and silver, the commodities market is substantial and active. That means that these investors are familiar with the process and, perhaps more importantly, have both the motivation and resources to direct into whatever appeals to their interests.

A Better Class Of Investor

The higher tiers of commodities investment leads are for serious investors with serious ambitions. These are the types of investors that regularly engage in five and six-figure transactions on the commodities market. These major market players are high net worth, high-income investors with diverse portfolios. They regularly set aside 15% or more in their portfolio for aggressive, high yield investments.
However, to reach these investors, businesses need access to the right contacts and information. Accredited commodity leads are what is required to ensure that information is relevant and, perhaps more importantly, current.

Getting The Leads That Matter

Wall Street List Marketing Services has been collecting commodities investors leads for years, first for direct mail efforts and now for other opportunities, such as digital. Regardless of the format, the important thing is that these accredited commodities leads are fully vetted.
We use the following criteria for out lists:

  • $1,000,000+ net worth
  • $200,000+ income
  • $100,000+ available assets
  • Currently active as an investor
  • Possesses an investment portfolio
  • Has multiple accounts

These lists are, at minimum, revisited and revised every 45 days to ensure they are valid and recent, making them more useful to our clients. When you get these commodities investors leads, you have the confidence of knowing these are people active in investing right now, looking to move funds into promising projects, and legitimately possessing the resources to make a difference.

We Can Help

Wall Street List Marketing Services is ready to provide commodities lists and other services. Whether you need a physical mailing address for your direct mail plans or need email addresses for your digital marketing, we can provide these resources.
Perhaps more importantly, we can also help with many stages of the project. Beyond merely providing commodities leads, we also offer turnkey solutions for the entire direct mail process. We can help you conceive an idea, execute the design, print it and even distribute it, all under one roof, so you don’t have to deal with different vendors at every stage of the process.
Contact Wall Street List Marketing Services and benefit from our many years of experience in gathering lists, data, and resources that can help businesses to grow. Enjoy a higher rate of response, engagement, and subsequent sales and business activities when you use our commodities leads to find the investors that can help with your projects.

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