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Your mortgage marketing specialists support team has been unbelievable in their service and my return on investment was nearly 7 to 1! Your crew should be congratulated and you should be complimented for having them on your staff. So often today, service is promised but very seldom delivered. Good service is becoming an oxymoron and great service has disappeared. Your staff is knowledgeable, concerned, took the time to educate me, returned phone calls and e-mails, were creative and truly charming over the telephone and this has gone on FOR OVER A MONTH! I felt like I was their only client.

Tim Corry
Branch Manager


The on-line trader leads we have gotten over the past years time from WSL has been second to known.  You actually get what you pay for, which is rare these days.  Their lead products make for a profitable campaign each time.  WSL actually weeds out those non-qualified leads, which makes for much smoother sailing when we make our calls.  Bottom line, Wall Street knows investors!

Mark Van Buren


I mailed fifty-five hundred direct mail pieces and my response rate was 2.27%. I had to have a second seminar the following night of the date I set to catch the over-flow. I couldn't be more pleased with the total experience I have had in working with your company. I must say that working with your account manager was a real pleasure. At every point of the process, he was very efficient. It was as if he took ownership of the seminar and he had a personal interest in making sure your part of the process was successful.

Director of Marketing


Your lists and direct mail pieces have been our most successful ever! We consistently generate response rates of 6 to 12 percent across a wide variety of different types of consumer lists for our auto-marketing department. Thanks for the great work and I will certainly be in touch on our next project.

John Inganamort
VP of Sales


You guys saved my business!  I have lost a lot of money with other lead services that were less than honest and fair, to say the least. This is the least expensive and HIGHEST response lead list we have ever purchased.  Don't change a thing!

Tom Popovich
B & T Brakes & Tires


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Voice and Fax BroascastingVoice/Fax Broadcasting

Fax Broadcasting is a unique application of computer based faxing that allows you to automatically send the same document(s) simultaneously to many different people. This means that now you can fax broadcast information, such as:

  • Press releases
  • Newsletters
  • Product Updates
  • Pricing Updates
  • Event Reminders
  • Special Promotions
  • Invitations
  • Daily Rate Sheets

Fax blasting to any number of recipients is virtually simultaneously at any time of the day or night - practically effort-free. Fax Broadcasting can be instantaneous or can be scheduled days, weeks, or months in advance. Using the Fax Broadcasting Services from Wall Street List can cost you as little as 4¢ per page.



1. How do I use Wall Street List to do my Fax Broadcasting?

It's as easy as 1-2-3.

STEP 1 - E-mail your fax blasting recipient list or have us compile it for you and your document to sales@wallstreetlist.com. Then tell us what time and date you want your fax broadcast sent out.

STEP 2 - We send you a test fax for your approval and a final fax blasting quote which you sign and indicate the prepayment method (check or credit card).

STEP 3 - We send out all the faxes on schedule and provide you with a detailed fax blasting report upon completion of the fax broadcast.

2. What are the billing options for fax blasting payment?

You can pay for fax broadcast by check or credit card, all major brands accepted.

3. What about the legality of fax broadcasting?

Our company provides the delivery fax blasting and fax broadcasting service only, and we cannot provide legal advice for fax broadcasting. We suggest that you refer your fax broadcasting questions to an attorney for specific fax blasting recommendations. However, provided below is some fax broadcast information we have found regarding the laws, and these should be reviewed. You should always have permission from the recipient to fax broadcast many types of faxes. We did read that in March of 2003 a federal appeals court ruled that the TCPA "does not act as a total ban on fax advertising. Advertisers may obtain consent for fax broadcasting through such means as telephone solicitation, direct mailing, and interaction with customers in their shops." In summary, "if an advertiser wishes to promote its business by fax broadcast, there are many ways for it to secure the consent of willing potential customers."

There is more fax broadcast information on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA) available on the Internet. A reliable source is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC); here are some informative fax blasting and fax broadcasting links:

It is recommended that fax broadcast companies making solicitations institute procedures for maintaining do-not-call lists. Under the company-specific do-not-call rules, once a consumer asks not to receive a fax broadcast from a particular company, even if given permission in the past, that this company should not fax broadcast that consumer. Wall Street List highly recommends that a Do-Not-Send number be clearly placed on the document for fax broadcast. We can provide, for an additional fee, an opt-out toll free number that allows the fax blasting recipients the ability to automatically add their fax number to OUR master Do-Not-Send list, but this is for convenience only, as you should be extra diligent in ensuring you are fax broadcasting only after obtaining permission.

4. Will I receive a confirmation report once my fax broadcast is completed?

Yes. Your representative will provide you with a detailed report on the results of your broadcast. This report will outline your failures and successes, allowing you to update your recipient list - and improve your future success rate.

5. How much advance notice do I need to provide Wall Street List for an upcoming Fax

Broadcast and is there a service charge for rush jobs?
We prefer 3-5 business days hours notice to schedule your fax broadcast, however we will do all we can to meet your request and will charge you a nominal fee for a rush job.

6. What kind of turn around time can I expect?

Turn-around times depend on the size of the broadcast, the amount of notice given to perform the broadcast and whether or not the broadcast is going to be a personalized mail merge document.

7. Am I charged for fax blasting retries?

No. During the fax broadcast we will attempt to send your fax up to three (3) times if the number is busy.

8. Do you charge by the page or by the minute?

The total number of contacts in your recipient list determines the rate. The rate is then calculated by the amount of time a page takes to send times the number of total pages. The time required to fax a page is dependant on the amount of text versus graphics. Fax blasting transmissions can range anywhere from 35 to 120 seconds per page.
General pricing for domestic fax broadcasting delivery is:

  • $75.00 minimum for 1,000 pages or less
  • $.06 per page for 1,251-5,000 pages
  • $.05 per page for 5,001-25,000 pages
  • $.04 per page for 25,001-50,000 pages
  • Special pricing is available for jobs greater than 50,000

Companies in every industry are finding that fax broadcasting is an indispensable tool for delivering their important messages. With fax broadcast technology the delivery of your document(s) to thousands of customers becomes an effortless background process. Your return on investment with a fax broadcast system can be measured in weeks.  Call Wall Street List today and find out about this powerful marketing tool.

What is WSL Voice Broadcasting® ?

WSL Voice Broadcasting® is a business-to-consumer message delivery system. WSL Voice Broadcasting® Voicemail Broadcast will deposit your marketing sales message or recorded sales pitch into a residential telephone voice mail box to solicit potential customers.
WSL Voice Broadcasting® Voicemail Broadcast will deliver a recorded business message straight to someone’s voice mail without ringing the phone. WSL Voice Broadcasting® Voicemail Broadcast is an automatic ring less Voicemail Broadcast system. WSL Voice Broadcasting® Voicemail Broadcast is a marketing and lead generation tool.

Why use WSL Voice Broadcasting® ?

Don’t waste your time manually dialing potential customers. Almost 85% of your sales calls, or customer retention calls never reach a live person, and end up in voice mail. Most sales or customer service staff can only make 50 to 70 sales calls per day.
WSL Voice Broadcasting® Voicemail Broadcast liberates you from the repetitive monotony of out-bound cold calling, and reiterating another message, or sales pitch into a client’s voice mail box. Maximize your time wisely and negotiate in-bound customer calls instead.

Focus on what you do best. Eliminate mundane activities such as:

  • Dialing phone numbers,
  • Ringing the phone,
  • Waiting for an answer,
  • Negotiating with reception,
  • Be put on hold,
  • Wait for the right party to attend the phone, etc
  • Get thrown into voicemail
  • Verbally repeat another message into voice mail

All this costs valuable time, and increases your selling cycle time frame. Pay your sales staff to negotiate and close the sale on an inbound call. Spend less time on the arduous outbound calls. Expedite your outbound campaigns with unprecedented speed. With WSL Voice Broadcasting® Voicemail Broadcast you can make thousands of cold calls per day.

What is WSL Voice Broadcasting® used for?

WSL Voice Broadcasting® Voicemail Broadcast can be used for:

  • Follow-up to a direct mail campaign
  • Cold calling potential customers
  • Client retention and appreciation calls
  • Mass deliver a specific voice such as that of a CEO, or President
  • Mass disseminate timely or critical information on short notice.
  • Voicemail Marketing

Best of all, the client will never know you used WSL Voice Broadcasting® Voicemail Broadcast, because the message delivered is as clear as if you called and left the message your self.

How WSL Voice Broadcasting® came to be

WSL Voice Broadcasting® Voicemail Broadcast was developed to take advantage of the increasing phone voicemail box infrastructure. Built to avoid bothersome telemarketing calls during the dinner hour, WSL Voice Broadcasting® Voicemail Broadcast is a new alternative that will not disturb anyone during delivery of a voice message.

Made with mass communication in mind, WSL Voice Broadcasting® Voicemail Broadcast is an inexpensive means of mass communication. WSL Voice Broadcasting® Voicemail Broadcast is also known as voice mail marketing, or a voice mail drop.

Who can use WSL Voice Broadcasting® ?

Any company wishing to maximize their outbound phone calls and deliver a marketing message to a residential base of consumers, can use WSL Voice Broadcasting® Voicemail Broadcast. Any company using an existing outbound call center to call residential consumers, can reduce their costs by using WSL Voice Broadcasting® Voicemail Broadcast.

Companies that require a sales pitch to be consistent, precisely worded, and mass delivered will advance with WSL Voice Broadcasting® Voicemail Broadcast.

What is the success rate with WSL Voice Broadcasting®?

Your success rate will depend entirely on your message to the customer, and the quality of your product or service. WSL Voice Broadcasting® expedites and multiplies your existing success rate. Our clients have been experiencing great success with WSL Voice Broadcasting® since 1997, and continue to support the service today

WSL Voice Broadcasting® vs. Auto-Dialer

It is illegal for an auto-dialer system to ring the phone and solicit your product or service to a new customer. The only legal method to solicit new clients with voicemail marketing, is with the use of WSL Voice Broadcasting® Voicemail Broadcast.

Why use Voice Mail as a medium?

  • People will always listen to their voice mail. You will have a guaranteed listener-ship to your message. WSL Voice Broadcasting® Voicemail Broadcast recipients will be forced to listen to your message.
  • Voice mail is not consuming fax paper or fax toner, and not intrusive.
  • Your own voice adds a human touch, is as persuasive as you want it to be, and very personal. Your clients will appreciate a personal call. A personal call carries more value than email or direct mail campaigns.
  • Your clients will never know, you used WSL Voice Broadcasting® Voicemail Broadcast to Clone your voice, and multiply your phone calling efforts.
  • WSL Voice Broadcasting® Voicemail Broadcast costs less than your employee’s base pay.
  • WSL Voice Broadcasting® Voicemail Broadcast is a faster campaign due to no training required and costs much less than your traditional call center.
  • Email lists are very transient. Telephone numbers are more reliable and don’t change as often, therefore your campaign will be more successful with a phone list, instead of an email list.

How WSL Voice Broadcasting® works

Interacting with the WSL Voice Broadcasting® Voicemail Broadcast system is as easy as leaving a voicemail message by phone. Each client is given a secure voicemail box in order to record the message in our central recording server. Clients are responsible for creating and recording their own script, however we have professionals in-house to help with both the script, and the recording process.

The script can be recorded as many times as necessary to ensure satisfaction. Once the message has been recorded, it is ready to be delivered. The client will stipulate when the broadcast will start.

WSL Voice Broadcasting® benefits

  • Fuses the power of direct mail and telemarketing for a fraction of the cost
  • Quick turnaround time (less than 24 hours)
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Reaches thousands of people in a matter of minutes
  • No production cost
  • Access and deliver your message from any touch-tone telephone
  • Can target specific geographic areas
  • Boasts guaranteed listener ship
  • Extremely non-intrusive as message goes directly to voicemail without ever ringing the telephone
  • One-to-one medium
  • Much more cost-effective than conventional telemarketing
  • Millions of phone numbers across North America (estimated growth of 30% per year)
  • Infinite market applications

WSL Voice Broadcasting® telephone number lists

We research and develop our own telephone number lists for your usage. If the list you need is not available, you can ask to have it researched at no cost to you , depending on resources. Our list research efforts can be for both business telephone number lists, and residential telephone number lists.



1.What is WSL Voice Broadcasting?

WSL Voice Broadcasting® is ring less automatic voice message delivery system. We take a message recorded by you, and drop it inside everyone’s residential voice mail box. This is a ring less Auto-dialer service

2. How do you deliver a recorded message?

We access the local phone company computer system and deliver a recorded voice message directly into a resident’s voice mail box.

3. How do I get started?

  • First, book your campaign
  • Pre-pay for the service
  • Then, record your message
  • This service is pre-paid, or OAC

4. How fast can my campaign start?

We need a 24 hour notice.

5. How many messages can you deliver?

We can deliver thousands of messages per day.

6. When do you make the calls?

9:00 am to 9:00 pm

7. How do I pay for the service?

This service is pre-paid, or OAC

8. Where do I get a contact list of phone numbers to call?

We will supply you with a phone list for your campaign

9. Who records the message?

You can record the message, but we have in-house staff that will do it free of charge.

10. What is the maximum length of the message?

Max length is 30 seconds

11. What does the message sound like after its delivered?

Message quality is identical to your initial recording.

12. How should my message be structured?

With WSL Voice Broadcasting® Voicemail Broadcast, your message should have the following structure; Hello, its Jim Parker from XYZ company, sorry I missed you, I am calling to inform you about our great services. I think you will benefit greatly, and your return on investment will be realized very quickly. Please call me at xxx-xxxx when you have a moment to discuss your servicing needs. Thank you.


  1. Political campaigns,
  2. Insurance
  3. Radio station(ratings week, contests)
  4. Health club, sports club, fitness membership
  5. Lotteries,
  6. Non profit (Red cross, Heart & stroke)
  7. Water bottle, water purification
  8. Long distance phone services
  9. Dating service
  10. Lawn Care
  11. Skin clinic
  12. Maid service
  13. Baby sitting
  14. Children's funds (university), education fund
  15. News paper subscription and retention
  16. Auto tune up, care, winterizing.
  17. Carpet cleaning, home services
  18. Credit card signup (mbna, amex)
  19. Real Estate agents
  20. Time Share vacations
  21. Auto sales, openings,
  22. Auctions(art, auto, rugs)
  23. Energy (Hydro, gas)
  24. Duct cleaning,
  25. Continuing education (the learning annex)
  26. Special events (home show, Molson Indy, circus, etc)
  27. Marketing Firms (client marketing campaigns)
  28. Tax preparation
  29. RRSP contributions(banks ,etc,)
  30. Call centers
  31. Junk removal services
  32. Direct marketing service companies
  33. Trade show companies
  34. Auto emergency (CAA)
  35. Firewood delivery services
  36. Mortgage services
  37. Non profit
  38. Home alarm systems
  39. Unions
  40. Auto rental
  41. Web marketing awareness
  42. Branding
  43. Event notices.
  44. Financial planning

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