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Your mortgage marketing specialists support team has been unbelievable in their service and my return on investment was nearly 7 to 1! Your crew should be congratulated and you should be complimented for having them on your staff. So often today, service is promised but very seldom delivered. Good service is becoming an oxymoron and great service has disappeared. Your staff is knowledgeable, concerned, took the time to educate me, returned phone calls and e-mails, were creative and truly charming over the telephone and this has gone on FOR OVER A MONTH! I felt like I was their only client.

Tim Corry
Branch Manager


The on-line trader leads we have gotten over the past years time from WSL has been second to known.  You actually get what you pay for, which is rare these days.  Their lead products make for a profitable campaign each time.  WSL actually weeds out those non-qualified leads, which makes for much smoother sailing when we make our calls.  Bottom line, Wall Street knows investors!

Mark Van Buren


I mailed fifty-five hundred direct mail pieces and my response rate was 2.27%. I had to have a second seminar the following night of the date I set to catch the over-flow. I couldn't be more pleased with the total experience I have had in working with your company. I must say that working with your account manager was a real pleasure. At every point of the process, he was very efficient. It was as if he took ownership of the seminar and he had a personal interest in making sure your part of the process was successful.

Director of Marketing


Your lists and direct mail pieces have been our most successful ever! We consistently generate response rates of 6 to 12 percent across a wide variety of different types of consumer lists for our auto-marketing department. Thanks for the great work and I will certainly be in touch on our next project.

John Inganamort
VP of Sales


You guys saved my business!  I have lost a lot of money with other lead services that were less than honest and fair, to say the least. This is the least expensive and HIGHEST response lead list we have ever purchased.  Don't change a thing!

Tom Popovich
B & T Brakes & Tires


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When you purchase email lists from Wall Street List, you have access to a full range of products and services not available at most other list brokerages. We have the software and resources to help you find the most targeted email lists and get the most from your email campaign – and with the boost you’ll get in sales and ROI, our services pay for themselves.

According to a March 2006 report from Internet marketing analyst DoubleClick, delivery rates are on the rise jumping more than 3% overall in 2005 from 2004. Marketers are reaching their audience, but open rates have declined. This is probably due to several reasons, but most importantly it is because marketers are failing to connect with customers in the crucial subject line. Click-through rates are remaining steady, which means that those marketers who do succeed in getting customers to open the email are still getting responses.


Like direct mail and telemarketing, where you purchase email lists is one of the most crucial parts of your campaign. Remember that the rates quoted above are averages – many marketers experience lower open and click-through rates and others get higher. With the right marketing and technical knowledge, you can increase your own rates. Wall Street List has the knowledge to maximize your return on investment.

Most other marketers know either the technical side or the marketing side of direct email advertising. But our marketing professionals can help you at every step of your campaign from creating and designing effective marketing messages that sell to delivering them and tracking the results. And as an email list broker we purchase email lists on your behalf, using only reliable opt-in and double opt-in sources, and then sorting those email lists to find the best prospects for your offer.

Wall Street List can manage your own email lists as well. When you purchase email lists, what you are actually doing is renting the list from its owner, usually for one time use only. But once you get a response, that contact can now be added to your own in-house list for future use. And if managed properly including proper removal of opt outs and keeping the contact information current, you can rent this list yourself for an additional stream of income. With Wall Street List you don’t have to do any of the work because we take care of all the details for you.


Find out how you can increase your email open and click-through rates with WALL STREET LIST. We have provided our clients with reliable direct marketing lists since 1998, and we have been around for almost a decade now – a claim that most other email list brokers can’t make. When you purchase email lists from Wall Street List, you get the years of experience and personalized service that will give you a measurable increase in your sales.

Available Databases Listed Below

List Name Universe Cost List Segement
Accountants & Accounting Firms 78,521 200 Total Universe @ 200/M
Acupuncturists 16,487 100 Acupuncturists @ 100/M, Total Universe @ 100/M
Airline Workers 334,86 100 Airline Workers @ 100/M, Total Universe @ 100/M
Alternative Lifestyle Consumers 93,995 75 Alternative Lifestyle Consumers @ 75/M, Total Universe @ 75/M
Alternative Medicine 8,199 100 Alternative Medicine consumers @ 100/M, Total Universe @ 100/M
Attorneys & Law Firms 332,508 140 Attorneys @ 140/M, Total Universe @ 140/M
Auto Body Shops 66,267 100 Auto Body Shops @ 100/M, Total Universe @ 100/M
Auto Dealers 120,783 85 @ 85/M, Total Universe @ 85/M
Automotive Consumer Giveaway Respondents 2,698,871 100 Total Universe @ 0/M
Bankers 136,224 200 Total Universe @ 200/M
Beer Drinkers 703,825 60 Beer Drinkers @ 60/M, Total Universe @ 60/M
Boaters 80,385 60 Boater enthusiasts @ 60/M, Total Universe @ 60/M
Book Readers 182,534 100 Total Universe @ 100/M
CEO'S & Vice Presidents 41,488 240 Total Universe @ 240/M
Chiropractors 65,75 140 @ 140/M, Total Universe @ 140/M
Cigar Connoisseurs 1,243,807 95 Cigar Connoisseurs @ 95/M, Total Universe @ 95/M
Contact Lens, Sunglass, Eyewear 422,29 60 Eyewear consumers @ 60/M, Total Universe @ 60/M
Cosmetics & Skin Care 228,575 60 Cosmetic and Skin consumers @ 60/M, Total Universe @ 60/M
Crafts & Cooking 421,066 60 @ 60/M, Total Universe @ 60/M
Day Care Centers 3,36 85 @ 85/M, Total Universe @ 85/M
Dentists 305,23 140 Dentists @ 140/M, Total Universe @ 140/M
Divers 272,445 60 Diver Enthusasts @ 60/M, Total Universe @ 60/M
Entertainment 213,768 100 Total Universe @ 100/M
European Tycoons 155,12 200 Total Universe @ 200/M, Tycoons @ 200/M
Financial Magazine Subscribers 22,545 140 @ 140/M, Total Universe @ 140/M
Finland Investors 3,955 200 Investors @ 200/M, Total Universe @ 200/M
Fisherman 124,56 60 Fisherman @ 60/M, Total Universe @ 60/M
Flyers 7,22 60 Flyers @ 60/M, Total Universe @ 60/M
Free Stuff Consumers 562,883 100 Total Universe @ 100/M
Frequent Travelers 312,708 200 Total Universe @ 200/M
Gamblers 519,89 95 Gamblers @ 95/M, Total Universe @ 95/M
Gay and Lesbian Consumers 77,422 200 Total Universe @ 200/M
German Frequent Flyers 142,462 120 Total Universe @ 120/M
Germany Investors 70,47 200 German Investors @ 200/M, Total Universe @ 200/M
Golfers 663,545 95 Golfers @ 95/M, Total Universe @ 95/M
Greeting Card Consumers 289,754 120 Total Universe @ 120/M
Guns & Ammunitions 105,405 85 Gun & Ammunition users @ 85/M, Total Universe @ 85/M
Harley Davidson Enthusiasts 371,442 120 Motorcyle consumers Postal @ 120/M, Total Universe @ 120/M, motorcycle consumers email @ 140/M
Health & Fitness 832,985 75 Health entusiasts @ 75/M, Total Universe @ 75/M
Herbal Remedy Consumers 187,203 75 Herbal Remedy consumers @ 75/M, Total Universe @ 75/M
High Interest Rate Homeowners 15,211,804 200 Total Universe @ 200/M
Insurance Agents 311,849 75 Insurance Agents @ 75/M, Total Universe @ 75/M
International Gamblers 320,65 200 Gamblers @ 200/M, Total Universe @ 200/M
Investors 335,676 75 Investors @ 75/M, Total Universe @ 75/M
Italian Frequent Flyers 432,563 120 Total Universe @ 120/M
Kid Toy Owners 627,582 120 Total Universe @ 120/M
Margarita Island cruise and vacationers 749,401 200 Total Universe @ 200/M
Mortgage Broker Association Members 189,505 200 Mortgage Brokers @ 200/M, Total Universe @ 200/M
Mortgage Brokers 137,5 140 Mortgage Brokers @ 140/M, Total Universe @ 140/M
Movie Goers 886,318 75 Movie goers @ 75/M, Total Universe @ 75/M
Music Enthusiasts 425,788 100 Total Universe @ 100/M
Nurses 74,533 300 Total Universe @ 300/M
Online Gift Shoppers 593,851 200 Total Universe @ 200/M
Pet Owners 911,92 95 Pet Owner Consumers @ 95/M, Total Universe @ 95/M
Photography 230,8 85 Photograhy users @ 85/M, Total Universe @ 85/M
Physicians & Surgeons 401,765 140 Doctors & Surgeons @ 140/M, Total Universe @ 140/M
Pilots 74,723 200 Total Universe @ 200/M
Print Media Consumers 532,658 140 Total Universe @ 140/M
Property Appraisal Buyers 1,149,502 140 Property Appraisal Buyers @ 140/M, Total Universe @ 140/M
Real Estate Agents 1,132,830 95 Realtors @ 95/M, Total Universe @ 95/M
Recreational Toy Owners 105 200 Total Universe @ 200/M
Reno Air Travelers 56,899 200 Total Universe @ 200/M
Retired & Active 1,084,855 65 @ 65/M, Total Universe @ 65/M
Sales & Marketing Professionals 431,442 120 Total Universe @ 120/M
Single and Searching 1,323,335 75 Singles @ 75/M, Total Universe @ 75/M
Sports Enthusiasts 45,345 65 Magazine readers @ 65/M, Total Universe @ 65/M
Sports Gamblers 105 120 Total Universe @ 120/M
Sports Network Viewers 109,181 65 Sports viewers @ 65/M, Total Universe @ 65/M
Stockbrokers 56,897 200 Total Universe @ 200/M
Sunglasses & Eyewear 831,27 85 Sunglass users @ 85/M, Total Universe @ 85/M
Sweden Investors 35,13 200 Swedish Investors @ 200/M, Total Universe @ 200/M
Sweepstake Consumers 2,348,740 75 Sweepstake Consumers @ 75/M, Total Universe @ 75/M
Swingers 28,45 75 Swingers @ 75/M, Total Universe @ 75/M
Television Periodicals Readers 29,26 75 Periodical readers @ 75/M, Total Universe @ 75/M
Veterans 364,375 100 Total Universe @ 100/M, Veterans @ 100/M
VHS & DVD Renters 1,015,142 75 Total Universe @ 75/M, VHS & DVD renters @ 75/M
Web Masters 87,227 200 Total Universe @ 200/M
Weekly Tabloid Magazine Subscribers 5,155 75 Tabloid suscribers @ 75/M, Total Universe @ 75/M
Yachting Enthusiasts 47,627 200 Total Universe @ 200/M



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